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Company Profile:

PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk, commenced commercial operations in 1976. It is the largest polyester producer in Indonesia and one of Indonesia’s largest exporters with a total polyester manufacturing capacity of about 280,000 tons per annum.

The company is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchanges. In 2010, the company’s sales was US$ 617 million and assets of US$ 566 million

The company positions its products directly into its markets and has created a unique identity for itself. The company sells to the premium markets of North America and Europe and the fast growing markets of South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

A continuous process of reinvestment and productivity-enhancing programs have made PT Indorama one of the leading producers of polyester and its applications worldwide. This strength combined with the benefits of a low-cost base, results in a twofold advantage: premium quality at a low cost.

Our business is all about delivering superior quality, consistency and reliability with the right service every time. PT Indorama is involved in four businesses.

The polyester division accounts for 68 per cent of the company’s revenue. About 68 per cent of the polyester products are exported. Currently the company has capacity of 65,000 tpa of PSF, 100,000 tpa of PFY and 115,000 tpa of various grades chips.

Spun Yarns
The division accounts for nearly 25 per cent of the company’s revenue. With capacity of 219,000 spindles and nearly 58 per cent of its output being exported, the company is one of the largest exporters of spun yarn in Indonesia.

The company’s current installed capacity is 24 million metres per annum of grey fabrics and 42 million metres per annum of dyed and PFD.

Captive Power Plant
Indorama Synthetics has set up a 60-mw power plant (2x30mw) to take care of the present and future power requirements of the petrochemical and yarns production complex in Indonesia. The combined cycle generation captive power plant of 60 mw.

PT Indorama has consistently demonstrated its high level of capacity utilisation, which is far ahead of its peers both in Asia and globally. The average level of capacity utilisation of the company also consistently remains between 105 to 120 per cent versus the global average ranging between 75 per cent and 90 per cent.

The company has made efforts to expand and diversify its markets as much as possible. Significant initiatives have been taken towards this direction by increasing exports to regions such as Eastern Europe. Indorama now exports to over 90 countries covering all the five continents across the globe.

The facilities at the factory complex are unparalleled. A clubhouse, auditorium, gymnasium, an Olympic size swimming pool and regular entertainment foster a culture of fellowship and camaraderie among employees and their family members.

The company has built and manages the Rama International School in Purwakarta (Indonesia). Not only do the employees’ children study here, but also many children from neighboring companies take advantage of this facility. This school has been producing outstanding results and the students passing out from here have gained admission in many internationally reputed universities and institutes across the world. The school focuses on overall development of the students.It is equipped with excellent sports facilities and also has all facilities to support the grooming of students, both in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.


PT. Indorama Synthetics Tbk.
Manufacturing Plants
Kembang Kuning, Ubrug
Post Box 7, Jatiluhur
Phone: +62 – 264 – 202 311
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Jl. Batujajar Km. 5.5
Desa Giri Asih, Padalarang
Bandung 40561
Jawa Barat
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Indorama Teknologies
Jl. Raya Subang, Cijaya
Phone: +62 – 264 – 210 213
Fax: +62 – 264 -210 514

Jakarta office
Graha Irama, 17th Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1&2, Blok X-1
Jakarta 12950
Phone: + 62 21 526 1555
Fax: +62 21 526 1501

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